Every occasion is better with Maryland seafood.

Okay, maybe us at Cameron’s Seafood are a bit biased, but we genuinely believe in this. And this belief forms the backbone of our longstanding, popular Maryland seafood brand.

Eating fresh Maryland seafood is a social activity in nature. Whether cooking at home or visiting a seafood shop, this cuisine is best appreciated with company.

You get messy when you eat it. You teach your family or friends how to properly crack the shells. You indulge in the mouthwatering goodness together.

You laugh, you smile, you drink, and you finish every experience with at least one thought on your mind: “Wow, that was amazing!”.

So what are the best occasions for indulging in a meal of Maryland seafood?

We’ve compiled a list of five occasions that are perfectly complimented with fresh seafood.

1. Dinner:
Looking to take a special someone or a group of people out to dinner? Struggling to find a restaurant option that expresses your personality more than your run-of-the-mill, white tablecloth fine dining establishment?

Impress your guests with a unique and delicious culinary experience by serving some fresh seafood. If you live in the United States, you can visit one of the many reputable Cameron’s Seafood locations. Cameron’s Seafood offers an exciting dining experience and world-class crabs and crab cakes.

Our menu consists of a wide range of premium seafood options to meet just about anyone’s needs. Here’s a list of our most popular dishes:
– Maryland Blue Crabs
– Maryland Crab Cakes
– Crab cake stuffed seafood (i.e salmon, shrimp and lobster tail)
– Maryland Cream of Crab & Crab Gumbo

2. Holidays:
Holidays are meant to be celebrated. And they’re best celebrated with friends and family.

This sounds like a perfect excuse to indulge in a feast of irresistible Maryland seafood!

Summer holidays provide an ideal environment for enjoying fresh seafood. Whether it’s Father’s Day or Mother’s Day or Independence Day, warm summer weather allows you to fire up your barbecue, crack a cold beer and share a seafood feast with your loved ones.

Furthermore, if you’re hoping to buy a gift for someone on a holiday such as Christmas or a birthday, Cameron’s Seafood’s new online store  makes it super easy and affordable to ship fresh crabs within the United States.

With the click of a button, you can surprise a displaced Marylander or an out-of-state friend who has never tasted Maryland crabs with a package of delightful seafood delivered straight to their front door.

3. Events:
Whether you’re inviting friends over to watch a sporting event or organizing a charity fundraiser, event-based gatherings are great for appreciating seafood.

Not only will your guests have more fun while eating crab dishes versus other conventional options like pizza, they’ll also be satisfied with a tasty and healthy meal.

Order premium seafood for your event today and get ready for your attendees to be impressed!

4. Corporate Team Building:
Sometimes it can be hard to let your guard down and be yourself around coworkers.

This is why corporate team building activities are so important in strengthening organizations. But sometimes these activities don’t allow employees to fully relax and show their authentic selves.

Cameron’s Seafood is an excellent solution for this problem.

As soon as you get your hands and face messy with crab meat, all of your inhibitions and reservations will evaporate immediately. You and your team members can bond over which dish you liked the most or how many crabs each of you ate.

Perhaps you could even challenge your boss to eat a ridiculous number of crabs…?

The possibilities are endless. Have some fun. Book a seafood feast for your next corporate team building event and boost your team’s morale overnight.

5. After a Workout:
If you’re a fitness junkie, then you’re aware of the importance of protein.

Seafood is an affordable and tasty protein-rich food item. Better still, it’s low carb. This makes it an incredible post-workout meal.

While crabs are available year round, crab season officially runs from April 15th to November 15th. This is when the crabs are fat and meaty. So you can fuel your body with hearty, large-sized servings of crab for the majority of the year.
Getting bored of eating the same old meat options every week? Mix up your protein sources with a delicious order of Maryland
seafood today!

Hopefully by now you’ll consider pairing your next special occasion with Maryland seafood.

Cameron’s Seafood ships fresh Maryland seafood overnight nationwide at the lowest price so you can enjoy all of your favorite occasions with a taste of exquisite seafood.

Over the past 32 years in business, we’ve had the honor of seeing a lot of happy faces consuming our crab products. Our
fulfillment as a family business stems from sharing this delicious natural meal with our friends in the community.

Looking to try out our famous Maryland seafood for yourself? We’d love to serve you! Place an order for fresh seafood today using our secure online store.

Happy crabbing.

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