Slow Cooking Seafood

Slow Cooking Seafood

How to slow cook seafood It’s time to break out those crock pots or Instant pots and get to the slow cooking! The best way to ‘set it and forget it’ with seafood.  Best Seafood for Slow Cooking There are a few culinary rules when it comes to slow cooking seafood and...

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Crab Cake Breakfast Biscuits

Crab Cake Breakfast Biscuits Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, beside having the title of ‘most important meal of’, I love getting the creative culinary juices flowing first thing. Especially since, as a chef (and general food obsessive) I go to bed thinking...

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The Ultimate Guide to Seafood Foil Packs

The Ultimate Guide to Seafood Foil Packs Foil Packs are all the rage this summer and perfect for on the grill cooking! Foil packs have been a go-to camping cooking technique for the foodie outdoorsy types. They’re extremely simple to make…pick your protein, add in...

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Cameron’s Guide to Cooking with Beer

Cameron’s Guide to Cooking with Beer Seafood and beer go together like peas and carrots! And there is nothing better than cooking seafood with lagers, ales, hefeweizens, sours, IPAs, pilsners and even porters (it’s all good!).  Rich and robust with flavor, the two...

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Keto, Paleo and Wole30 Crab Lettuce Wraps

Keto, Paleo and Wole30 Crab Lettuce Wraps We’ve all seen lettuce wraps dotting menus of casual restaurants and filling our social media feeds with tempting imagery. If you haven’t made them for yourself, let me be the first to convince you that lettuce wraps are easy...

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