It’s been a busy few months here at Cameron’s Seafood as we’ve been ramping up our media outreach while focusing on growing our e-commerce business.

Thankfully, both of those efforts have been going extremely well and we’re humbled to announce that Cameron’s Seafood was recently featured in the New York Times! This is an exciting milestone for us and we figured it warranted a public acknowledgement here on our blog.

The New York Times article, titled Crab Cakes Fresh From Maryland, was written by Florence Fabricant and published on August 7, 2017. Since its publication, Cameron’s Seafood has been contacted by other notable publications that are interested in writing articles about our brand. More to come on this soon!

We are simply thrilled to have the opportunity to share the amazing story of our family business with the masses. If you support our brand and would be willing to share our article with your friends and family on social media, we would be very grateful! We also love hearing from our customers and supporters directly, so feel free to contact us today with feedback.

Business Update:
For those of you that have been following the development of our online store, we’re pleased to announce that business has been going better than we had expected. And it continues to grow at an impressive rate.

Taking a traditional retail business to the digital world is no small challenge, and it has been a tremendous learning opportunity for the Cameron’s Seafood team. Cameron and Peymon, sons of the company’s founders, have spearheaded the digital initiative of bringing the company online with a profitable online store – and they’re doing an incredible job.

We’ve discovered that our Online Crab Guarantee has been a game-changer for customers as they feel confident and trusting when ordering crabs from us. Essentially, our guarantee assures customers that they will receive the quantity of crabs they ordered, regardless of daily crab size and weight fluctuations.

Product selection has been another key factor to our success. Customers have voiced that they appreciate the depth of our online seafood menu. When we decided to start selling Maryland crabs online, we were determined to execute it flawlessly. This is why we created an impressive menu and invested in top-notch packaging materials to transport our fresh seafood nationwide.

We’ve continued to engage with fans on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and have hired a content marketing company to write articles for our blog. The results have been excellent so far and we’re appreciating the value of investing in digital marketing more than ever.

Within approximately three months, we have launched a successful online store while sustaining the operation of our 17 brick and mortar locations. Needless to say, we’ve been busy here at Cameron’s Seafood!

Contact Cameron’s Seafood for Media Inquiries:
Whether you’re looking for a food-oriented article or an inspiring business success story, Cameron’s Seafood would be an excellent brand to feature on your blog or publication. Our passion for food and entrepreneurship shines in our presence.

And we would be more than happy to discuss the opportunity of being featured on your medium.

If you work in the media and wish to feature Cameron’s Seafood on your blog or publication, please feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected]. Refer to our contact page for further information.

Our team has the resources to either create the written content ourselves or be interviewed by one of your representatives. We also have high-resolution photographs of our food available on demand.

Send us a message today and we’ll be sure to get back to you soon. Thank you for taking the time to read this company update and be sure to bookmark our blog for future reading!

From crab recipes to Maryland tourism guides to how-to articles about Maryland crabs, the Cameron’s Seafood team has got you covered!

Have a great day.

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