While working on one of our food trucks in Hagerstown, MD, co-founder Pey Manesh learned he had customers driving 6 hours to pick up our genuine Maryland Blue Crabs from the Chesapeake Bay. They were used to buying more expensive, fake “Maryland-style” Blue Crabs cooked with Old Bay. You asked for Maryland Seafood Home Delivery and we listened!

FACT: Maryland Crabs from the Chesapeake Bay are special because our climate stays colder that other East Coast areas. The Blue Crabs here hide under the mud during the cold months which forms a layer of fat on their meat that gives them a sweet, buttery flavor and that’s why they are famous!

Chesapeake Bay Maryland Blue Crabs are famous because they hibernate - their meat gets fatty which is why it tastes sweet and buttery

Cameron and Pey learned that not everyone has access to real Maryland Blue Crabs, or they settle for Maryland-style crabs thinking it’s the real deal. Our goal is to make Maryland Blue Crabs, Crab Cakes and Crab Soups from the Chesapeake Bay more accessible than ever before.

Seafood Home Delivery

Unlike other start-ups, we have a strong foundation of 11 retail locations, franchise locations and over 1,000,000 customers served since 1985. Cameron’s Seafood was founded in 1985 by Allen Manesh and his brother Bijan to provide quality seafood at affordable prices. In 2017, second generation Cameron and Pey started the home delivery and B2B division. We run the home delivery division from our first retail location at Rockville, Maryland.

Our team is literally family and we treat every customer that calls or order home delivery with love and care. We offer 100% customer satisfaction on all orders. We offer cash refunds or reshipments even if you are unsatisfied. With over 1,500 families serving Cameron’s Seafood in their homes for lunch, dinner, parties, gifts and special occasions and we are honored to be part of that experience.

We are committed to catching your seafood fresh and shipping it the same day so you can experience the great feeling of Maryland seafood home delivery every week. Order up to 60 days in advance. Open 7 days a week with customer service as our focus.

Cameron and Allen in 1985 overseeing construction of the first Seafood Market

16 year old Cameron working at the counter under his father's watchful eye

Founder Bijan and his son Peymon proudly displaying the newest addition to the food truck fleet in 2017

The first Cameron's Seafood Market in Rockville, MD

Every summer the family gathers to share  bushels of our delicious crabs

Cameron and Peymon are bringing Cameron's Seafood to the digital age by launching an online store

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