Spring Minestrone Soup with Crab

Spring Minestrone Soup with Crab Let me be the first to say it…Soup is excellent all year round! Sometimes you just want that warm comforting bowl of goodness regardless of the season or temperature. And spring is prime for soupage. Peak season for Chesapeake Bay blue...

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History of the Blue Crab

History of the Blue Crab (a gastronomical look at the history behind Maryland’s obsession with Blue Crabs) Calllinectes Sapidus the latin word for Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs means ‘beautiful swimmer’. Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs are just that, a bay beauty that defines a...

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Easter Seafood Guide

Easter Seafood Guide Happy Easter from Cameron’s Seafood! We’ve developed some creative spins on the Easter classics to give your family a seafood (and spring) filled holiday. Whether you’re a ham or lamb fam, we’ve got some mouth watering ideas that you definitely...

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How to Poach Seafood

How to Poach Seafood Poaching seafood is an underrated cooking technique is a great way to impart flavor while reducing fat and calories (no fat to low fat cooking!). I’m going to bring poaching to the forefront and away from the dusty back pages of forgotten...

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Crab Avocado Toasts

Crab Avocado Toasts Mmmmmm…avocado toasts… the insanely popular (quite delicious) and social media clogging  breakfast bet. You can see why this dish is so well liked, it’s easy (if you can make toast, you’re halfway there) and quick (if you’re anything like me and...

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