How It Works

Choose from our selection of premium Maryland crabs, crab cakes, and seafood - get it delivered monthly or on a date you choose.

On the day your order is scheduled to ship, we catch, prepare and package your order with care, in an insulated box.

Receive fresh, center-of-the-plate proteins and feed your family the best-of-breed seafood on the planet. Simply unbox, prep and enjoy!



  • Highest-quality seafood sourced directly from the Chesapeake Bay
  • Easy-to-follow reheating or cooking instructions for each item

  • Convenient packaging that fits perfectly in your fridge or freezer

  • A fun, unique dinner experience that you won't easily forget

One-Time Purchase OR Auto-Reorder

Build your own box and choose your delivery date or get automatic deliveries every month or 2 months

One-Time Purchase

Select from a broad range of premium seafood items such as Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cakes, Maryland Soft-Shell Crabs, Alaskan Crab Legs, Jumbo Maryland Crabs & much more. Build your own custom box, select your delivery date and await delivery at your doorstep. 

This is the perfect solution for birthdays, gifts, special occasions or simply as a treat. Orders can be placed up to 60 days in advance. We'll catch, prepare and pack your order with care on the day it ships. Overnight shipping is available and most orders over $199 ship FREE!*

*Limited to certain shipping methods, weight restrictions may apply.

  • One-time purchase
  • Choose your delivery date
  • Customize your box


Build your box, select "auto-reorder" at checkout and get premium, fresh seafood delivered to your doorstep monthly or every 2 months. It has never been easier or more convenient for you and your family to introduce fresh seafood in your diet. 

Your order will automatically renew based on your preferred frequency so you can set it and forget it.  Need to cancel or skip a week? Not a problem! You can manage every aspect of your subscription through our easy to use portal. Did we mention you get 5% off your orders for LIFE*?

Want to learn more? Click HERE

*for the duration of your subscriptions

  • Recurring order
  • Delivery every month or 2 months
  • Save 5% on your first order and all future orders

Our seafood should always reach your doorstep cold and securely packaged. You deserve the freshest, highest quality seafood and that is why we guarantee your shipment with cash refunds or reships.

First Class Shipping

Our seafood is caught and sent fresh or flash frozen and peak freshness and individually vacuum-packaged. All of our boxes are filled with a specific amount of gel packs or dry ice that's carefully calculated based on your geographic location, time of the year, and box size. You'll receive a tracking number the night your box ships. Look for your box on its due date and refrigerate as soon as possible. Free shipping is available on most orders over $199.*

*Weight limit is applicable

Premium Seafood Choices

Seafood comes in different grades, much like you can get the same cut of beef in Prime, Choice or Select grades. For each products, there may be up to 20 different sub-species and size grades. For instance, did you know that there are 3 different species of King Crab Legs with 7 different grades each? It's easy to get lost in all that.

Here at Cameron's Seafood, we make it simple by curating only the top-of-the-line grade for each item we sell. Shop with confidence knowing you are getting the highest quality premium seafood available, every time. 

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