When you sit down at a seafood restaurant and see the menu, do you get overwhelmed by all the different types of crab on the menu?

Here at Cameron’s Seafood, we want to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Our experts are here to break down the best type of crabs to eat!

Maryland Blue Crab

Here at Cameron’s we specialize in the Maryland Blue Crab. This crab is very distinct when seen in the wild, due to its blue shell. When cooked it can turn to a bright purple.

Maryland Blue Crabs can be found all the way down the eastern coast of the United States, through the Gulf of Mexico and even as far down as Argentina. With climate change, these crabs have been spotted recently as far north as Maine.

These crabs are very sweet, and many people say they prefer eating blue crabs. They are also said to yield the best meat to make crab cakes!

Soft-Shell Crab

Have you ever ordered a crab sandwich and noticed how the piece of fried crab actually looks like it’s just an entire crab thrown in the deep fryer? Well, that’s precisely what it is!

Soft-shell crabs are perfect for those of us who don’t like creating a mess when we’re trying to eat. They pack the flavor of a Maryland Blue Crab, but seem to have a much softer shell.

Interestingly, soft-shell crabs are in fact Maryland Blue Crabs. They are essentially blue crabs that have just grown out of their shell, they then form this soft-shell due to their molting process.

If you’re wondering why you typically see soft-shell crabs fried and not boiled, it’s because if you tried to boil them, they would just fall apart in the hot water!

We wrote a thorough article detailing everything you need to know about Maryland Soft Shell Crabs on our blog.

Dungeness Crab

The Dungeness Crab is found on the west coast of North America. All the way from Alaska, down to the Baja California Sur in Mexico. Recently the crabs have drifted eastward and have been found as far east as Florida!

These crabs are a huge part of the fishery in the Pacific Northwest and are named after the “Dungeness” land claim in Washington State.

The meat is a little less sweet and more delicate than the Maryland Blue Crab, but they’re tasty and a sought-after commodity none-the-less.

Snow Crab

Snow Crabs are found all over both the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans. These crabs can be caught off Newfoundland on the east-coast of Canada, all the way up to Greenland.

When harvesting Snow Crabs in Canada, only the males are kept. The females are thrown back in to the water so that the fishery can sustain.

Canada is a major, global producer of Snow Crab. In Canada, they are also referred to as Queen Crab. With a hard-shell and five legs on each side, snow crabs have a nice, sweet taste.

Florida Stone Crab

Florida Stone Crabs are very interesting little crustaceans. They are found all over the western edge of the Atlantic Ocean and down into the Caribbean.

The claws on the stone crab easily detach, to quickly get away from predators. These claws then regenerate rather quickly. Interestingly, they are also fished this way. When a stone crab is caught, the fishermen tear off its claws and then release the crab back into the ocean. This promotes incredible sustainability with the species.

The crab meat in the claws of the stone crab is incredibly delicious and is reminiscent to that of lobster meat, making the stone crab an expensive dinner option.

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