Cover your table with crab paper (or newspaper) and make sure you have plenty of paper towels on hand. Prepare some melted butter with lemon juice. Dump the crabs in the middle of the table and get crackin’:

  • Twist off the legs and claws off the body. Discard the legs and put the claws aside for now.
  • Pull off the apron (the flap located on the abdomen).
  • Turn the crab over and pull upward on the shell from the back of the crab peeling it forward.
  • Grab each side firmly and bend in the middle, breaking in half. Take each half and break those in half too.
  • Pick the meat from each half. (Pro tip: slide the extracted meat across the top shell to pick up some delicious seasoning)
  • Crack the claws with a mallet and extract the meat.


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