5 Must-Have Crab Eating Utensils

Do you love eating whole crab but shy away from eating it because it can be messy and hard to get into?

We understand your pain!

Crab is so succulent and delicious and makes for a great presentation in a meal. With that said, there is no doubt that eating crab can be a daunting task.

Today we are going to share with you our list of 5 must-have crab eating utensils to count on for eating a whole crab or crab legs. From king crab legs to whole blue crabs, these 5 crab eating utensils will serve you well and save your hands while digging into your delicious Maryland blue crabs!

5 Must-Have Crab Utensils

1. Crab Bib

The disposable crab bib will keep your clothes safe from a great but messy meal. To make your life as easy as possible, you can throw away each bib at the end of a crab feast.

Crab bibs are typically white featuring an illustration of a big red crab on them. They might not be super fashionable, but if everyone is wearing them then no one can get embarrassed! After all, crab is best enjoyed with friends and family, so no one will be judging what you’re wearing.

Take a look at this pack of 25 crab bibs from Amazon.com.

2. Crab Knife

A crab knife is a versatile tool used to pick apart the crab. Crab knifes are useful for removing the apron (that is the triangular shell on the belly of the crab) and the gills under the carapace (top shell).

While crab knives are small, they are heavy enough to crack open the shell and sharp enough to delicately pick apart the meat. At just $25, this crab meat knife from R. Murphy Knives is very affordable.

3. Crab Mallet

A crab mallet is best used to crack open a crab’s claws. Crab mallets have long handles with small solid heads.

Crab mallets are designed to be lightweight because they need to crack open the shell without smashing it into little bits. No one wants to go picking through their crab meat for tiny pieces of shell!

Owning a crab mallet saves you a lot of time when trying to eat whole crabs. Feel free to buy a crab mallet on our online store; it’s been tested and approved by the Cameron’s Seafood team of crab experts.

4. Seafood Cracker

A seafood cracker is essential for getting into crab claws with ease.

Seafood crackers are similar in design to nutcrackers; you could probably use yours to crack open nuts too! The handles on the utensil feature grips on the inside and they are connected by a hinge. To crack the shell and access the crab meat within, you put the grips around the shell and squeeze the handles together.

You can purchase seafood crackers at most local grocery stores.

5. Seafood Picks

Last but not least, seafood picks are the ideal tools for scooping meat out of crab legs. They are long and slender so you can reach deep down into the legs, not wasting a morsel of meat. One end of the seafood pick features a small spoon while the other end features a tiny two-pronged fork.

You can often buy the seafood cracker and seafood picks together in a set. For example, check out this set from Williams Sonoma. We like these crab utensil sets because the crackers and crab picks have soft rubber grips that make them less likely to slip from your fingers.

Buy Maryland Blue Crab Online

We hope our suggestions for handy crab utensils will help you prepare for your next crab boil or dinner party. If you’ve purchased your crab utensils and you’re looking to buy fresh Maryland blue crab online, visit our online store for delicious products and great deals. We offer nationwide shipping within 48 hours.

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By: Melanie Craighead


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