Stuck at Home Seafood Meals and Ideas

Ever feel like you’re on an episode of Chopped? Standing in front of your fridge or kitchen pantry, thinking…’What can I make with this stuff?’ Especially, if you’re cooped up inside the house, knowing that another run to the grocery store might prove just as fruitless?

Let us help! We’ve rounded up the most commonly used pantry and refrigerator ingredients to create three seafood-themed meal ideas!

Each meal will have a list of those commonly found ingredients and tell you which steps in the meal making process to cook with the kids! Get everyone involved!!

Pineapple Shrimp Noodle Bowls

This simple noodle bowl is big on flavor and short on time. From pan to table in under 30 minutes.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Servings 4 people


Common Ingredients:

  • cooking oil
  • frozen or fresh pineapple
  • fresh or frozen stir fry mixed vegetables (with a combination of broccoli snap peas or peas,
  • carrots onions, mushrooms and bell peppers)
  • garlic
  • broth
  • -teriyaki sauce
  • noodles your choice of ramen, spaghetti, lo mein or rice noodles

Cameron’s Seafood Ingredients:

  • Spiced Shrimp Jumbo Cocktail Shrimp or Fresh Shrimp


  1. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium high heat and add in your pineapple, mixed stir fry veggies and garlic.
  2. Heat for 3-4 minutes (or until the veggies, if frozen, have thawed and are hot and al dente tender) and pour in a little broth (about 1/4-1/3 cup).
  3. Stir in teriyaki sauce (1-3 tablespoons, depending on your taste and the type of sauce) and coat the vegetables.
  4. Add in your shrimp (peel them if necessary) and continue to cook for 2-3 minutes or until the shrimp are hot and cooked through.
  5. Serve the shrimp and vegetable mix either tossed with your cooked noodles of choice or on top.

Kid Friendly Step:

Create a scavenger hunt for the little ones to find your ingredients, give them hints as to where (pantry, freezer or refrigerator) these items may be located. Help them spell out the ingredient words/names (a little culinary spelling lesson) and show them a picture of the ingredient.


Crab Cake Fried Rice

A little Maryland twist on the iconic take-out fried rice. Super easy and super tasty!


Common Ingredients:

  • long grain rice
  • cooking oil
  • garlic
  • onion
  • carrots
  • celery
  • fresh or frozen peas
  • eggs
  • soy sauce

Cameron’s Seafood Ingredients:

  • Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes


  1. The best fried rice is made with rice that has already been cooked and cooled (keeps the dish from getting mushy).
  2. Heat oil in a large wok or skillet. Stir fry veggies until tender, about 3-4 minutes and remove from the pan.
  3. Add a little more oil and the eggs. Scramble in the pan and remove when cooked and fluffy.
  4. Portion the crab cake mix into little patties (quarter to silver dollar sized), add a little more oil to the pan.
  5. Sear the crab cakes on both sides, about 2-4 minutes, or until they are golden brown and cooked through. Remove from the pan.
  6. Add the rice, veggies and eggs to the pan along with some soy sauce (about 2-3 tablespoons, add more if needed), toss until combined and hot.
  7. Serve rice topped with crab cakes.

Kid Friendly Step:

Let the kiddos portion and ‘patty’ the crab cake mix. Give them a scoop or spoon to help with portioning.


Lobster Burritos

Let’s elevate the traditional burrito with the addition of lobster meat. Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you cant treat yourself a little.


Common Ingredients:

  • rice
  • cooking oil
  • taco seasoning
  • black beans pinto beans or refried beans (canned)
  • fresh or frozen corn
  • soft flour tortillas
  • grated cheddar cheese or grated Mexican cheese blend
  • salsa or pico de gallo jarred or fresh
  • sour cream
  • sliced black olives jarred or canned~optional
  • sliced jalapeno peppers jarred or canned~optional

Cameron’s Seafood Ingredients:

  • Steamed Lobster Lobster Tails or Lobster Meat


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Cook your rice ahead of time or use one of those pre-made quick rice microwavable pouches.
  2. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. If using the whole steamed lobster or lobster tails, remove the meat from the shells and chop.
  3. Add the lobster to the hot skillet and season with taco seasoning (2-3 teaspoons or to taste). Cook for 3-4 minutes or until the lobster is hot and thoroughly cooked.
  4. Stir in rice, beans and corn. Fill tortillas evenly with mix and cheese, wrap.
  5. Place on a baking sheet, brush each burrito with the little oil and bake for 10-12 minutes.
  6. Serve burritos with salsa, sour cream and topped with olive and jalapeños (optional).

Kid Friendly Step:

Let the kids build, wrap and brush the burritos. It’s like making food origami!


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Show us your clever pantry staple seafood recipes. Whether you use these recipe tips or have one of your own that you would like to share-we’d love to hear from you. Post your Cameron’s Seafood dish on Instagram and tag us @cameronsseafoodonline. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter, we look forward seeing your creations.

About the author

Patterson Watkins is a professional chef with over 17 years of experience. With a robust career in restaurants, contract dining and catering (including 4 Summer Olympic posts preparing food for the athletes!) Patterson joined the Cameron’s Seafood team at the end of 2018 to concoct some delicious recipes with our premium seafood items as the centerpiece.

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