Seasonal Soup Board

Step aside grazing boards, cheese & charcuterie platters, and sandwich spreads! This cool-weather season we’re getting soupy. Soup is the perfect solution for feeding a hungry group. From tailgaters to couch potatoes, an eye-catching spread of soups, toppings, and fixings will make all tummies rumble in anticipation. 


Seafood Soups for the Win! 


Maryland Crabmeat Bisque 

Only True-Blue Maryland crab meat will do for our bisque! This soup is rich and creamy, made with jumbo lump crab meat, crab stock, white wine, cream, fresh vegetables, savory herbs, and aromatic spices. A scrumptiously hearty soup for colder weather meals. 

Our 32 ounce portions are perfect for 2-4 people (2 large portions and 4 smaller portions). 


Maryland Crab Gumbo 

Over a quarter pound of jumbo lump crab meat goes into our 32 ounce containers of Maryland Crab Gumbo. This broth and tomato-based soup is loaded with Cajun-worthy ingredients; fresh veggies, herbs, and seasoning. A flavorful treat that is milder than most gumbos. 

Our 32 ounce portions are perfect for 2-4 people (2 large portions and 4 smaller portions). 


Lobster Bisque 

All of our soups are made fresh every morning, ensuring that you get the freshest and best tasting soup possible. This creamy bisque is chockfull of chunky pieces of Maine lobster all simmered in lobster stock, wine, and cream. A decadent addition for this soup season. 

Our 32 ounce portions are perfect for 2-4 people (2 large portions and 4 smaller portions).


Styling your Soup Board 

These are our favorite toppings and fixings to pair with our soups. When planning your soup board, make sure you have enough soup for all in attendance. We like using decorative mugs as our soup serving vessels. This allows folks to move about freely without having to juggle bowls. For prepping and planning toppings and fixings, plan for about 2-4 tablespoons of each fixing per person (so, if you’re planning on hosting 6 people, plan for 1 to 1 1/2 cups of each fixing or topping). For more heartier items (like noodles, rice, mini sandwiches, etc…) plan for 1/4 cup or 1 serving per person. If you’re planning on only offering a couple of toppings or fixings, increase your portions as appropriate. We also like keeping our soups warm in a crockpot for serving ease. 



Maryland Crabmeat Bisque 

Bacon pieces or bits, hot sauce, chives, crispy onions (like French’s), cornichons or giardinera, sun-dried tomatoes, malt vinegar, olive oil, roasted fennel, fresh dill, diced apples (or matchstick) or diced pears (or matchsticks). 


Maryland Crab Gumbo 

Chopped green onions, cornbread croutons, sour cream, tortilla strips, cilantro, avocado, chopped radishes, crispy onions (like French’s), roasted garlic cloves, ramen noodles, couscous, or white or brown rice. 



Lobster Bisque 

Toasted pumpkin seeds, ritz crackers, roasted asparagus pieces, truffle oil, toasted almonds, chorizo, bacon pieces or bits, roasted fennel, fresh dill, arugula, diced apples (or matchstick) or diced pears (or matchsticks).


Ready to slurp on some soup?

I know my stomach is growling just thinking out my next soup sesh. How about you? Worry not, all of our famous (and delicious) soups are available online! Each soup is shipped fresh, all that’s needed is a little reheating (and to pick your fixings, of course).

Do you have a favorite topping, fixing, or side dish to go with our Seafood Soups? We’d to hear about it! Post your images or recipes on any of our social pages. We can be found @cameronsseafoodonline on Instagram or @CameronsSeafood on Facebook.

About the author

Patterson Watkins is a professional chef with over 17 years of experience. With a robust career in restaurants, contract dining and catering (including 4 Summer Olympic posts preparing food for the athletes!) Patterson joined the Cameron’s Seafood team at the end of 2018 to concoct some delicious recipes with our premium seafood items as the centerpiece.

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